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Update Blog #9: Perks & Banks
By Perfection • 2 months ago

Greeting Kronos! This week we have added even more perks for gear and equipment, fixed banking bugs, and continued on the QoL updates. Banking Fixes - Resize-able mode now has the proper banking interface. No more tiny windows! - Fixed the deposit...Read More

Update Blog #8: QoL Baby!
By Perfection • 2 months ago

Good Evening Kronos, This development blog we looked at fixing up some of the quality of life bugs that have been pestering everyone. After chatting with the shop owners at home... Ironmen can now purchase Helm of Neitiznot from the Melee store. I...Read More

Update Blog #7 - XP Modes?!?
By Patrity • 3 months ago

Good Evening Kronos! Sorry for the influx of updates, but we cannot stop pushing out major content to you guys! This has been our MOST REQUESTED feature since launch. Many players have complained that our XP was too slow while others have said they w...Read More

Update Blog #6 - Kaal-Ket-Jor
By Patrity • 3 months ago

It's only been a couple of days since our last update and we're back with another one! This update brings Kronos' first melee based boss & gear. Kaal-Ket-Jor belongs to the Tasakaal. See below for a brief bit of lore from the OSRS wiki: The Tasakaa...Read More

Update Blog #5 - Summer Events & New Store Releases!
By Patrity • 3 months ago

Hello Kronos Citizens! The developers have been chipping away the past few days for some minor content releases that we think everyone will enjoy! Let's start out with some notable releases: Summer Shrine Event! This...Read More

Weekly Events!
By Aymo • 3 months ago

127 128 Welcome to Kronos' weekly events! We will be hosting events every single week, of which will differentiate on a per week basis. This means that you will be seeing a variation of events. Please note the calendar below, as these will be updated...Read More